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Amazon Vendor Central Management

Vendor Central is the right path for some merchants, and the wrong one for others, depending on your company’s operations and goals. Our Vendor Central Management service is a monthly service that manages most of your Vendor Central processes.

Vendor Central is the invitation-only sales platform for manufacturers and distributors who wish to sell on Amazon. On this platform, vendors sell wholesale (in bulk) to Amazon who, in turn, sells to Amazon customers. Vendor Central sellers (vendors) are first-party suppliers to Amazon and Amazon determines how much of their inventory to stock, where, and when it will order from vendors. Product listings indicate “Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon.” Vendors typically appreciate the strong Amazon branding associated with their products in VC. For additional fees, vendors have access to various premium advertising services.

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Typical Results Include

You need a plan to succeed on the Vendor Central sales platform. Awesome Dynamic’s Vendor Central Program Management is an ongoing monthly service that clears the hurdles, optimizes your position on Amazon and frees you up to run your business.

  • Increase likelihood of receiving a Vendor Central invitation
  • Help setup VC account, invite users, and manage permissions
  • Review chargebacks and identify possible reversals
  • Handle communication and cases between Amazon and your company
  • Interpret report figures
  • Develop processes to reduce inefficiencies and chargebacks
  • Review Co-Op agreements to accurately set your expectations
  • Evaluate, monitor and oversee VC programs: A+ Content, Subscribe and Save, Prime Pantry, Amazon Advertising, Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA), and Vine
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Vendors Frequently Encounter These Challenges

As with most aspects of selling on Amazon, benefits come with requirements and constraints which can require vigilant monitoring, action, patience and persistence. Alongside the benefits, accepting the invitation to the VC platform may make the following challenges more likely:

  • Charges of non-compliance fees
  • Limit your control of various aspects of selling on Amazon
  • Termination of Amazon carrying your product if your non-compliance is too high
  • Destruction of your product inventory if there are a high number of customer complaints
  • Irregular disputing of chargebacks
  • Inability to see cases created if you are not copied on the case
  • Improper first-time addition of your products by Amazon’s catalog team 
  • Unanticipated fees can occur over the course of years

Whether you are selling on Amazon currently or just getting started, Awesome Dynamic® can analyze your current situation and put you on the correct path to profits.

Services We Offer

Determine if Vendor Central is right for you
Increase likelihood of receiving a VC invitation
Set up Vendor Central account, manage permissions
Review chargebacks & identify possible reversals
Handle communication between Amazon and you
Interpret data and report figures
Develop action plans to reduce chargebacks
Review Co-Op agreements to set expectations
Evaluate and monitor Vendor Central programs
Comprehensive Vendor Central guidance