22 Ecommerce Tips to Follow in 2022

March 4th, 2022

ecommerce tips

We asked our team of experts to shed some light on the top 22 tips and topics they’d recommend sellers to be aware of in 2022. These ecommerce tips cover shipping, advertising, optimization - and everything in between for selling on Walmart and Amazon.

Amazon Ecommerce Tips

1.Know and Improve Your IPI Score
Amazon is currently expanding FBA Restock Limits and will continue to do so this year. However, that does not mean you should send all your inventory in again without a game plan. It is important to maintain a healthy inventory level and not overstock. Use the past year(s) to guide your inventory replenishment and try to keep a healthy IPI score.

2.Take Advantage of Data
If you are Brand Registered and plan on driving traffic to your Amazon listings from external marketing efforts like Facebook and Google, it is imperative to set up and use Attribution and the Brand Referral Bonus. This will help maximize your success and revenue. Additionally, under Brand Analytics on Amazon, be sure to review the demographic and purchase behavior reports.

3.Be Ready with Compliance Documentation
Before you start selling, be aware of the type of testing or reports Amazon may request, and have those ready to go. This will save you time and frustration. Amazon has increased requesting compliance documentation for select categories (e.g. supplements, beauty, baby, etc.).

4.Do More with Your Advertising Campaigns
It is in your best interest as a seller to leverage additional advertising campaigns that are offered to branded sellers like Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display campaigns. The goal of any advertising campaign is to increase awareness, and PPC ads give brands the opportunity to do just that.

5.Know How to Package and Label for FBA
In order to help prevent delays, ensure that your items are packaged and labeled correctly. This will also ensure that buyers are receiving the correct product. Follow our FBA Labeling Tips and Tricks guide for help getting your FBA orders out the door correctly the first time.

6.Do Your Product Research
The number of products available on Amazon has been increasing rapidly. It is more important than ever to do your research before committing to and listing a product. The goal is to fill a gap with a product the market needs, not add to an already overly saturated catalog of similar items. This will help ensure that your product stands out from the crowd.

7.Create Videos
Videos can help share your products' usage and details in a visually appealing way. They can be used in your listing, Brand Store and for advertising (for Brand sellers). 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchasing decisions online.

8.Use Amazon’s System to Generate New Keywords for PPC
When creating your PPC ad campaigns, be sure to utilize both automatic and manual campaigns for each product grouping. The automatic will use Amazon’s algorithm to target keywords and ASIN targets that they feel are relevant to your product. These targets can then be added to a manual campaign to give you more control over bids.

9.Continue to Test and Edit Your Listings
Do not set it and forget it. Your audience’s behavior is constantly changing. Consider testing your product listings with Amazon’s A/B testing feature (this is for Brand Registry only). You can test your main image, title, A+ Content, or pricing. Additionally, make sure that you are continually researching your competition and conducting keyword research.

10.Take Advantage of Growth Opportunities
Log into your seller account and regularly review the “growth opportunities” Amazon is suggesting. This is an excellent way to see where your listings may be falling short, or if you are missing valuable opportunities to convert more shoppers.

11.Sell Globally
Research and know when it’s time to expand your reach worldwide. Amazon Global Selling allows you to easily expand your selling network while leveraging the power of Amazon’s trusted brand. Download our free Global Selling Guide to learn more about the advantages and obstacles to selling in different markets. 

Walmart Ecommerce Tips

ecommerce tips12. Boost Listing Quality Scores
You will want to consistently make sure that your listings have all recommended data fields supplied to boost your listing quality scores. Walmart places high emphasis on having high Listing Quality Scores.

13. Be An Early Adopter
If you're not first, you’re last (or stuck in the middle). Either way, you want to be ahead of your competition. There is still plenty of time for a "first mover" advantage. Take note, that if you don’t want to expand into Walmart’s marketplace, you can expect your competition to. They are either already there or planning on entering the marketplace in the near future.

14. Invest in Rich Media
Rich media is not widely used and is a great way to differentiate your listings. This enhanced content helps brands stand out by delivering a better online shopping experience. Consider utilizing comparison charts, 360-degree images, adding videos and high-quality graphics to your listings. This is a great way to connect with shoppers in a digital space. 

Amazon & Walmart Ecommerce Tips

15. Have a Multidimensional Logistics Plan
What we’ve learned since the onset of this pandemic in 2020 is that you need to be prepared and not have only one fulfillment option. With continued supply chain and logistics issues, it's important to leverage WFS/FBA and have the ability to self-fulfill orders. This will help to reduce the potential for out of stock situations. 

16. Win the Buy Box
Over the last year there has been a huge influx of sellers entering both Amazon and Walmart. This means competition is even more fierce. To combat the competition you will want to make sure you're winning the Buy Box. If not, you should set up a repricing strategy and look into better optimizing your product listing.

17. Plan to Advertise
Part of your business plan should include advertising. Advertising continues to be more and more necessary for buyers to find your products on these ecommerce marketplaces

18. Pull People In
Not all sales will come directly from customers searching Walmart or Amazon. Sometimes people need more info or time to think. Or they just don’t know they need your product yet. Reach them where they are at by utilizing social media (posts and advertising), email marketing if you have established an email list and Google ads. Don’t forget to take advantage of tracking and Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus that was mentioned in tip #2.

Be Consistent with Your Branding
Whether customers are seeing your product on Amazon, Walmart, Facebook or a Google Ad, make sure your branding is consistent. On average, a potential customer needs to see your ad/product seven times before they make a decision. By keeping your branding (colors, fonts, images) consistent, you are helping them recall your product.

20. Write For Your Audience
Yes, you need to share details about your product, but it doesn’t have to be dry. Appeal to your audience by giving facts but also helping them visualize your product in their life with words. Don’t forget to tie in keywords and keep the format easy-to-read. Here are some tips for writing your bullet points.

21. Make Your Photos Sell Your Product
Lackluster product, lifestyle and informational images will not be well received. People want to see clear, professional imagery. It helps to build trust in your brand and product, while also showcasing your product in the best way possible. Think about this. You’re in a store. There are two boxes of the same product. One is beat up, dented, the box slightly torn, and the other is in perfect condition. Which one do you grab? Most people are grabbing the box that is pristine. Make sure your photos are like the perfect condition box. Draw in the buyer.

22. Conduct Extensive Keyword Research
This research will allow you to better predict how buyers are searching and complement search query data gathered through your initial automatic Sponsored Product ads campaigns. By using your accumulated customer data and insights, you will be able to see your products through the eyes of the customer and learn how these customers conduct searches for your products.
ecommerce tips
BONUS: DIY Until You Can’t
There are many things you can easily and effectively do for your Walmart and Amazon accounts in-house. However, there are times when it’s more efficient and effective to hire out help. Know when to seek outside help so you don’t sabotage your success. There is a lot to know about each marketplace and how to best utilize it to your advantage.

A great example of realizing when to hire outside help is this leading manufacturer of shelf-stable foods company that came to us. They came to Awesome Dynamic to find out what they were missing. They knew what they were doing but needed the expertise of a team that had a wider depth of experience. By enlisting the help of professionals, they were able to see a 27% increase in sales year over year. Read the case study. 

Which ecommerce tips are you going to implement this week, or month? Are you excited to dive in or are you concerned about having the time to dedicate to improving your ecommerce strategy? We’re here to help. The first step is to fill out our contact form. From there we will send you an email to schedule a meeting time that works for you.