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Our Amazon consultants understand that Amazon selling strategies are about accurately configuring and managing your products. Smart thinking, planning, and execution will drive sales and ensure a measurable return on your investment in Amazon seller consulting. 

With over 10 years of experience as Amazon consultants, our in-depth understanding of Amazon's selling platforms will help align your sales strategy with business solutions to ensure maximum sales performance. Our team of Amazon marketing consultants are equipped to manage accounts utilizing Vendor Central, Seller Central, and the Amazon Hybrid Model.

Our process begins with a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your business and Amazon selling needs, as well as give you the opportunity to ask us any questions that you may have. 

Next, your dedicated team of Amazon experts will meet with you to learn more about your business as well as conduct their own research on your business and competition. They will present you with a strategic marketing plan designed to take a proactive, data-driven approach.

The services that will be recommended will speak to your individual account and business needs. Additionally, you will have an Amazon seller consulting team that is well-versed in selling on Amazon by your side, guiding you and managing the day-to-day, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

amazon seller consulting
  • amazon seller consulting

    Sales Increase to $7M Annually

    Here's what our team did! After reviewing the clients current account situation our Amazon consultants recommended a multi-step plan to correct and re-established their brand authenticity. Additionally, all listings were converted to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) making inventory consistently available. Learn more about the steps taken to give this client unprecedented momentum for their Amazon sales.

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Why Choose Awesome Dynamic as Your Amazon Marketplace Consultant?

As a leader in Amazon consulting we pride ourselves in solely focusing on Amazon and paying close attention to our clients needs. We understand the intricacies and rules of selling on Amazon, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest marketplace changes and news. It’s no secret that our clients come to us for our expertise, but they stay for our customer service.

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Benefits of Awesome Dynamic as Your
Amazon Consultant

You will be presented with a plan for progress using the specific Amazon platforms and programs that suit your needs and time frame. The plan will include suggestions for how to manage the growth of your Amazon sales channel as your sales volume increases.

Here are just a few of the benefits we'll provide as your Amazon marketing consultant:

  • Optimization of each Amazon sales channel - Seller Central, Vendor Central or the Amazon Hybrid Model
  • Straightforward discussion, planning, and reporting
  • Strategy for increased margins and sales
  • Elevation of brand profile and greater exposure of your products with the development of EBC, brand store & advertising
  • Streamlined inventory and distribution
  • Ongoing access to an all-in-one, stress-free Amazon seller solution
  • Partnership with a friendly & responsive team of Amazon consulting experts with the option to use them to fully manage your Amazon account
amazon consultant
amazon seller consulting

Full Service Amazon Agency

There's no need to hire multiple consulting agencies or people. Our goal is to make improving and excelling on Amazon a seamless process for you and your business. Our expert team is equipped to handle everything your Amazon account may need.

Full account setup and/or management through your Seller Central information, which can include professional photography, writing compelling product descriptions and feature bullets, seller account and product reputation management, advanced listing strategies, FBA and Self-Fulfillment, and shipment and fulfillment training. Our Amazon consultant team is ready to help you!

Amazon Seller Consulting Options

Whether you’re selling your product on Amazon through Seller Central or Vendor Central, we can teach you the best practices and techniques to increase your sales exponentially. Our Amazon consultant team can evaluate your current situation and offer our expertise in any way possible to help you improve. These Amazon seller consulting sessions are recorded conference calls which are then available for you to use with your team or reference at any point - your own library of Amazon knowledge.

Our Goals as Your Amazon Consultant

As your Amazon Consultant we will:

  • Research and establish a custom strategy that is specifically tailored to your business needs and goals.
  • Continuously offer our support, and answer your questions and concerns in a timely fashion.
  • Clearly communicate and update you on your account health and opportunities in an effort to continuously drive results for your Amazon listings.
  • Offer expert advice for your Amazon advertising campaign as well as closely monitor your advertising account.
Awesome Dynamic - Amazon Consultant, Amazon Seller Consulting can make your listings look great.
amazon seller consulting

Why Sell On Amazon?

With a staggering customer base of over 200 million people, Amazon uses their vast network of distribution centers and fantastic agreements with shipping partners to give your customers the best online purchasing experience possible. There are many advantages to using Amazon’s services, the most important being payment processing, customer service, shipping of products, handling of returns, processing of refunds, storing your products in their warehouse, and FREE two day shipping on almost everything you sell!


How long does it take to get started?

How long does it take to get started?

While every business is different, we strive to make the process straightforward and move things along as quickly as possible. That being said, response time from you is a component in how timely we execute your services. When you meet with your team they can give you more details on each service, what is needed and the time frame for completion.

I don't have any reviews. What can I do?

I don't have any reviews. What can I do?

Fear not, Amazon released a great program for products with less than 30 reviews called Amazon Vine Voice. It helps sellers obtain important and powerful reviews. There are additional ways to get reviews, please read about them here: How to Get Amazon Reviews - The Right Way.

I don't want someone to steal my idea. Is there anything I can do to protect My Product?

I don't want someone to steal my idea. Is there anything I can do to protect My Product?

Yes. Amazon has a Brand Registry program that we recommend to all businesses who have products that are trademarked. Brand registry helps protect your intellectual property and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers on Amazon.

I have an advertising budget. Where do I begin?

I have an advertising budget. Where do I begin?

Advertising is a little tricky but necessary, so it’s great that you planned and have a budget set aside. Our ad specialists know the intricacies of advertising on Amazon. There are several options for advertising which include: sponsored product ads, sponsored brand ads and product display ads. We’re happy to walk you through them and create a custom program for your products.

What is FBA shipping? Is it beneficial for my company?

What is FBA shipping? Is it beneficial for my company?

FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon. You determine an amount of inventory to store at an Amazon Fulfillment Center. You prep and ship your products to the fulfillment center(s) rather than sending them directly to the customer. When customers order your products, Amazon then picks, packs and ships them.

We would look at your business to determine which shipping option is best. However, FBA has been helpful for many businesses, including our client who’s sales soared 200% in the first month of selling with FBA shipping. Read more about the approach we took here.

How can social media help my Amazon business?

How can social media help my Amazon business?

If you have a strong social media presence it can help grow your business exponentially. We covered this topic in a blog post, which we think you’d find interesting: How to Drive Traffic to Amazon Using Social Media.

What is the Amazon FBA Program?

What is the Amazon FBA Program?

FBA stands for "Fulfillment By Amazon" and is a way for third-party sellers to use Amazon's powerful and diverse network of warehouses, distribution centers and shipping partners to manage your product inventory and fulfill orders on your behalf. In addition to this, Amazon also handles the customer service for any order they fulfill and take responsibility for any late, damaged or missing shipments to the customer, allowing you as a seller to focus on growing your business instead of spending your time on packing and shipping out your orders daily.

How to set up FBA?

What is the Amazon FBA Program?

The FBA program is available to anyone who wants to try it! You can test out the service by sending just a few products in or an entire truck-load. To get setup, you can begin by opening an Amazon account. Once you have activated your seller account, you can enable your account to be "Fulfilled by Amazon." For products that already exist on Amazon, you can list your inventory under that listing. For products not yet on Amazon, you can create a listing and provide all needed product information. For more information regarding pricing information, you can visit

How much does Fulfilled by Amazon cost?

How much does Fulfilled by Amazon cost?

Fulfillment By Amazon is often abbreviated as "FBA" and comes at a price of $39.99 per month plus additional selling fees. By selling on Amazon, you can reach hundreds of millions of customers.

Orders Fulfilled by Amazon include fees for: Pick & Pack, Order Handling, and Weight Handling. You are also charged for inventory storage, although it is very cheap and only billed at the end of each monthly billing cycle.

All in all, for being able to reach up to 95 million U.S. monthly unique visitors for this cost, is unbelievable! Leverage your business today with Amazon!

Will Amazon pay me for lost or damaged units?

Will Amazon pay me for lost or damaged units?

A great benefit of selling with the FBA program is Amazon's Replacement policies. When Amazon takes responsibility for paying you the replacement value of a unit, they will reimburse you based on their determination of the Unit’s value.

However, they will subtract the FBA fees and Selling On Amazon fees from that determined amount. They consider several factors when determining a Unit’s value such as: sales history, your current price and the price of other sellers for the same unit found on

There are times Amazon can not determine the value of a unit. If they decide that there is insufficient information available to determine the value of the unit, then the replacement value will be determined based on a predefined value per category. There is a limit of $5,000 per unit.

Am I able to select the fulfillment center where my inventory will be stored?

Am I able to select the fulfillment center where my inventory will be stored?

Currently Amazon decides the destination fulfillment center for your inventory based on several factors. These include, but are not limited to: the size and category of the product, your address, quantity of product be sent in and other fulfillment factors. To get an idea of where a prepared shipment will be stored, you can simply create a shipment and check the destination address. Unfortunately at this time, there is no way to decide which FBA distribution center your products go to.

What is the heaviest item I can have Amazon store and fulfill?

What is the heaviest item I can have Amazon store and fulfill?

Amazon upper weight limit is 150 lbs for any single item. For boxes that weigh 50 pounds or more, you must append a "Team Lift" sticker to each box or unit for warehouse handlers.

When determining weight, Fulfillment by Amazon calculates it by weighing to the nearest ounce or 1/16 of a pound. The minimum calculated weight for any single unit is one ounce. This type of information is important for calculating final costs and profits of any given item you are selling.

* Intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. Fees may be changed by Amazon at any time.

The 9 Best Qualities to Look for in
Amazon Seller Consulting Services

1) We Provide Great Customer Service

Time is money. The best Amazon Seller Consulting services don’t squander your time, on the clock or off. The best ones:

  • Get to work optimizing your Amazon presence, sales, and margins ASAP
  • Provide an open line of communication and reporting that makes sense
  • Follow up and follow through
  • Make you aware of opportunities, but don't sell you anything you don't need
  • Consistently deliver ROI

2) We Know the Value of Good SEO and How to Make It Work For You

You may feel you have great product listings, but if your customers aren’t finding you, you’re missing opportunities and wasting time and money.

A well written listing is like ESP; it reads your customers minds. Good SEO establishes keywords that match the words your customers use as search terms when looking for a product like yours. Your product listing should appear in the mix when they type in the right keywords in a search on Amazon.

The right keywords:

  • Attract shoppers
  • Increase sales
  • Boost your listings in search rankings
  • Further increase sales

Demand an awesome Amazon marketing consultant that:

  1. Knows which search keywords to use
  2. Knows how to optimize your product page
  3. Is built on search engine optimization (SEO) principles

3) We Understand Why Reputation Management is Critical to Success on Amazon

Protecting your reputation means guarding against bad comments on your listings, whether legitimate complaints from actual customers, or falsified complaints by nefarious posers. Amazon is built on customer service. Negative comments on your listings can severely tank your sales for a long time. But you can flip that script with a 3-pronged approach:

  1. Head off bad reviews by getting on board with Amazon's customer centric philosophy; its the best way to assure smooth sailing and unimpeded sales.
  2. Remove negative feedback by being prepared, persistent, and gently persuasive in pursuing your negative review cases with Amazon. Be patient - it takes time
  3. Make sure your brand is protected and cannot be hijacked by someone who is not concerned with good customer service (see #8, below)

Or hire an Amazon seller consulting service to do it for you. A good one can provide a constant feedback vigil and jump on such issues immediately, resolve them, expose frauds, and turn an unhappy “camper” into a valuable repeat customer who sings your praises.

4) We Understand the Differences Between First Party Selling and 3rd Party Selling

  • First party, or "1P" is a first-party seller who sells to Amazon as a wholesaler; Amazon then sells these products to its customers. This is done via the invitation-only Vendor Central platform.
  • Third party or "3P" is a third-party seller who sells directly to consumers via the Amazon Seller Central platform.

These platforms differ in many areas, including how quickly merchants are paid, shipping and packaging requirements, how inventory is managed and warehoused, and who has general control, to name a few.

Invited to Vendor Central? Find the right Amazon seller consulting service to determine if this is the best move for your Amazon business. The best ones can do this for you quickly and efficiently.

5) We Know How to Optimize Product Listings for Greater Sales

A great listing is MUCH more than just words and photos. Some considerations when formulating your listing:

Copy: keywords, word order, phrasing, the numbers of certain characters, punctuation, the differences between features and benefits and where to place each, human appeal, algorithm appeal, writing that serves the dual purpose of getting found on Google as well as on Amazon, writing titles that work well within Amazon’s PPC ads, writing that minimizes customer dissatisfaction and returns, etc. And that’s just the title, bullet points and description.

Imagesphotos, graphics, comparison charts and video: the right photos, in the right number, with careful attention paid to background, lighting, angles, and packaging can improve your rankings significantly; video is always beneficial.

And more: the best Amazon seller consulting services know the essential extras that put your listing over the top, such as Enhanced Brand Content, (AKA “EBC” for Seller Central) and A+ Content (for Vendor Central), whether the Prime badge is displayed, the number and quality of engagements you have with customers, customer reviews and feedback.

You get the point. It is imperative that you demand awesome Amazon seller consulting services with the know-how to present your products properly for optimized sales and margins.

6) We Realize the Value of Advertising Within Amazon

Sometimes a great listing alone is not enough, especially with new products or products that aren't on anyone's radar.

A consultant who understands Amazon knows that advertising on can help you:

  • Make your product more visible
  • Understand what your customer's are looking for
  • Increase page views
  • Boost your organic sales and rankings

If your Amazon marketing consultant knows how to maximize your investment in advertising your products on Amazon, they must be awesome!

7) We Know FBA and Whether It Will Work For You

An excellent Amazon seller consulting service should:

  • Assess the fees involved with FBA
  • Compare this with fulfilling orders yourself
  • Walk you through the process and requirements of FBA

It’s about overhead and margins, really. FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. The right Amazon consulting service can assess the fees involved with FBA relative to your current operation and advise on whether you’re better off fulfilling orders yourself out of your own location(s), or whether to pony up the bucks to let Amazon deal with things like inventory, orders, shipping, handling and customer service.

9) We Get You Improved Sales Ranking

Being the #1 selling product in your category is every seller's dream.

When your Amazon consultant is highly knowledgeable about the following items, you have a good chance of moving up on the rankings. 

They will:

  • Develop solid marketing and promotional techniques
  • Optimize product listings with good SEO and content
  • Maintain a high level of customer service
  • Preserve and protect your reputation
  • Take advantage of the programs Amazon has to offer

Amazon Seller Consulting

How to Hire the Best Team for Your Success

Success on Amazon's marketplace is like any other business; it’s about constantly tracking and improving your revenue and profit margin. 

Choosing an Amazon consultant to give you additional support and help you achieve this success is not a task to take lightly. Quite frankly, not all consultants are created equal. We've created a helpful checklist and wrote a blog, How to Find a Top Amazon Consultant Who's Worth the Investment, to help you understand what Amazon consultants can do for you and what you can expect from them.  

amazon seller consulting

“I would recommend Awesome Dynamics to anyone trying to navigate sales on Amazon for the first time. Our account manager helped with our first product sales and gave us the confidence that we were doing it right. Her communication was prompt, professional, and fun!”

Arianna Andrews

"Awesome Dynamic has been nothing short of amazing for us. As a new, growing brand we were not well-versed at all in the labyrinth that is Amazon. We tried over several months to get listed on Amazon but were unable. Awesome Dynamic was able to get us listed within three days: unbelievable.  They have helped us grow and thrive on Amazon. We have continued and will continue, the use of their services and assistance. We recommend wholeheartedly Awesome Dynamic for any business trying to join and prosper in the Amazon Marketplace."

Ali Sajadi MD, CTO

Amazon Seller Consulting