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As Amazon becomes a more sophisticated and crowded platform, it’s becoming harder and harder for sellers to navigate the marketplace on their own. And for good reason. It seems like every day Amazon releases new algorithm updates, marketing tools and other ways for sellers to reach shoppers. In this ever-changing marketplace, professional consultants are becoming an increasingly valuable resource for busy, over-inundated sellers. If you’re a seller looking to work with an Amazon consultant, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of what Amazon seller help entails, how consultants can help your business thrive and what you should look for in an effective Amazon consultant.

What is an Amazon consultant?

Amazon consultants put in the time, research and diligence necessary to become true Amazon experts. They study the platform, brush up on the latest marketing tools and audit seller listings to determine what Amazon strategies are most effective. This hard-earned expertise is the foundation of any good consultant and the first factor sellers should consider when looking for professional Amazon seller help.  

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Amazon Seller Help What Do You Do

What do Amazon consultants do?

At its most basic level, Amazon consulting is all about helping clients achieve their goals. Effective Amazon consultants use their expansive knowledge to arrange and manage a client’s products in a way that will help drive listing traffic and sales. Through strategic thinking, careful planning and thoughtful execution, Amazon consultants work hard to help their clients achieve a measurable return on their investment.

What kind of services does an Amazon consultant offer?

The most effective Amazon consultants offer a full catalog of services. These include:

  • Full setup and management of your Seller Central account
  • Professional photography
  • Writing complete product listings, including titles, bullet points and descriptions
  • Management of your seller account and product reputation
  • Advanced listing strategies
  • Training on self-fulfillment and Fulfilment By Amazon
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
  • Sponsored Products
  • Headline Search Ads
  • Product Display Ads

What are the benefits of working with an Amazon consultant?

Amazon consultants are incredible resources to help you learn more about Amazon as a whole. Whether you’re selling on Vendor Central or Seller Central, a professional consultant can educate you on the right techniques and best practices to help your sales explode.

With the right consultant, you can get the Amazon seller help you need to:

  • Increase your margins and sales
  • Create more exposure for your products
  • Elevate your brand in the eyes of shoppers
  • Streamline your inventory and distribution process
  • Optimize your Amazon listings
Amazon Seller Help How Do I Do It

How do I get started with an Amazon consultant?

Although every firm has its own way of working, many consultants will start the process with a primary consultation. This initial meet and greet gives the consultant an opportunity to get a feel for the prospective client’s business and current level of Amazon experience.

After this introductory meeting, the consultant will work with the client to get a thorough understanding of their product, help define their target audience and determine what kind of consulting is best for their business. From there, the consultant will find the right services to fit the client’s needs and use this information to put together an estimate.

What should I look for in an Amazon consultant?

The most important decision you’ll make throughout the Amazon consulting process also happens to be the first decision you’ll make – that is, which Amazon consultant to work with. As Amazon continues to grow in popularity, countless firms are fighting for seller attention claiming to hold the golden ticket to Amazon success. Properly vetting your prospective consultants is the only foolproof way to make sure you are choosing the best firm to meet your needs.

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Find a consultant who understands the importance of Amazon SEO

You could have the best product listing in the Amazon marketplace, but if shoppers don’t come across your product you’ll never make a sale. One of the best ways to get your listing in front of potential customers is to match your content with what shoppers are searching for.

This begs the question, how do you know what shoppers want? The answer is with strong SEO research and implementation. Amazon search engine optimization will help reveal what keywords shoppers are searching for, what keywords are receiving high search volume and where there is an opportunity to match your product offerings with these keywords.

Amazon consultants can help you identify these areas of opportunity by:

  • Putting together initial keyword research
  • Helping you weed through SEO data
  • Suggesting the right keywords to implement in your listings
  • Teaching you how to best optimize your product detail pages for SEO

Weed out firms that don’t distinguish between first and 3rd party selling

Amazon operates two separate seller platforms known as Vendor Central and Seller Central. Vendor Central is an invite-only platform reserved for first party sellers who sell their products to Amazon, which then sells those products to shoppers. Seller Central, on the other hand, is reserved for third-party sellers who use Amazon to sell directly to consumers.  

While some consultants may try to utilize the same services for both Vendor Central and Seller Central merchants, these platforms have many differences, such as how soon sellers are paid, packaging and shipping regulations and inventory management, that require unique strategies and consulting services.

Before signing on with an Amazon consulting firm, ask them about the different services they offer for Vendor Central and Seller Central clients. If they offer a one-size-fits-all approach, don’t hesitate to look for Amazon seller help elsewhere.

Look for a consultant that knows how to put your listings over the top

Amazon has intentionally set a rather low barrier to entry for sellers wanting to list products in the marketplace. But while almost anyone can build an Amazon seller account and create a listing, a great consultant knows that not everyone can create an effective listing.

The kinds of consultants you want to work with are those who understand how going the extra mile can help your listing thrive. You can tell a consultant values these special touches if they:

  • Employ dedicated copywriters to craft the content within your product detail pages
  • Pay careful attention to the images and other media included in your listing
  • Consider and/or recommend more elevated content approaches, such as Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Content
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Find a partner who understands the value of advertising

For those new to Amazon, advertising is especially important. A strong, comprehensive product launch strategy utilizes listing optimization, advertising campaigns and marketing and promotional campaigns to get your product in front of as many shoppers as possible.    

Before getting Amazon seller help from any consultant, ask them about the advertising strategies and tools they have available to help boost your Amazon business:

  • Promotions
  • Claim Codes
  • Coupons
  • Amazon Vine
  • Giveaways
  • Exclusives
  • Lightning Deals
  • Best Deals

Just as SEO works to help achieve greater visibility for your listing, advertising serves much of the same purpose. With the right advertising techniques, you can help:

  • Increase the visibility of your products
  • Get a better understanding of products and services shoppers search for
  • Boost your page views
  • Help improve your rankings and organic sales  

Make sure your consultant is knowledgeable on FBA

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether or not Fulfilment By Amazon is right for your business. It involves weighing the pros and cons to determine whether the fees associated with FBA outweigh the time, money and hassle of having to fulfill your own orders.

A good Amazon consultant can help you:

  • Evaluate the costs associated with FBA
  • Weigh these fees against the costs of self-fulfillment
  • Further educate you on the requirements and processes involved with FBA
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Find Amazon seller help that will work to protect and build your brand

As Amazon becomes increasingly lucrative, more and more unsavory characters flock to the platform in search of an easy buck. Luckily, the right Amazon consultant can help protect private labelers, manufacturers, distributors and private resellers from infringement on their business by:

  • Applying for the Amazon Brand Registry on behalf of your brand
  • Helping you obtain proof of ownership of your brand on Amazon
  • Verifying that your products are enrolled in the Brand Registry and assigned Global Catalog Identifiers (GCIDs)
  • Troubleshooting products not automatically enrolled

Work with a consultant that can help improve your sales ranking

A #1 category ranking is something every seller dreams of, but few are able to achieve. To put it simply, the better your Amazon seller help, the better your odds of moving up in the rankings. This is because a proper consultant will:

  • Create effective promotional and marketing techniques
  • Optimize your product listings with strong content and SEO
  • Help you maintain impeccable customer service
  • Take full advantage of all the programs and tools Amazon has available to sellers

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