Amazon Vendor Central Consulting

Amazon Vendor Central Consulting

Awesome Dynamic provides expert Amazon Vendor Central consulting services to optimize online sales, assist with chargebacks and manage your PPC campaigns. We match your systems to Amazon’s for a simpler, more cohesive and smoother running relationship. 

Our team of top Amazon experts understands the intricacies involved with selling on Amazon Vendor Central. We will research and analyze your business and competition in Amazon's vast selling network. From there will will create a strategic plan that is built just for your business and product needs, and then help you manage everything. The goal is to maximize your profit and give you back time to manage other aspects of your business. 

amazon vendor central consulting

Our Amazon Vendor Central Consulting Services:

Account Setup

Assist with setting up your Amazon account and determine which selling options are best for your business

Brand Registry

Registering your brand with Amazon to protect from rogue sellers and counterfeiters


Write and optimize content with data-supported keywords to ensure your products stand out from the crowd

Product Images

Provide professional photography and editing to properly showcase your products

Flat Files Setup

Set up of Amazon flat files containing details that make the most of your product listing


Inventory organization and streamlining to maximize your business' profitability

Brand Protection

Positive and timely response to minimize or eliminate negative customer feedback posts

Case Management

Our team works on your behalf to resolve issues via Amazon’s case management system


Monitor competitive spaces via product audits and account management


Manage the shipment process of your products to make sure things get sent off with ease


Provide training to your staff so they become proficient in a variety of Amazon aspects and areas


We provide expert insights and recommendations for your AMS: PPC Management and Posts. 

Don't Get Lost in the Crowd

Let Our Amazon Vendor Central Consulting Team Complete an Expert Analysis to
Determine the Best Services to Fit Your Business Needs

Which services will benefit your business the most? We have mastered Amazon's options for Vendor Central sellers and can lead you in right direction to
maximize your potential on the marketplace. Our strategic approach to evaluate, monitor and manage Vendor Central services can take your business to the
next level within a popular and crowded platform. Here are some programs to consider if you're a
Amazon Vendor Central, first-party seller:

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS):

Can AMS provide meaningful ROI for your specific operation? We will evaluate your current position relative to AMS, as well as your “Pay-Per-Click” campaign and Posts.

Amazon Subscribe and Save:

Amazon’s consumer subscription discount program for repeat purchases on a given item. We review the degree to which “Subscribe and Save” can provide meaningful ROI to your specific sales goals, advise as to implementation, and monitor and report on the program.

Amazon Prime Pantry:

Amazon’s consumer convenience option for everyday household goods and groceries, delivered to the purchaser’s door for a flat fee to the purchaser. We review the degree to which “Prime Pantry” participation can provide positive cost/benefit to your specific operation(s), advise as to implementation, and monitor and report on the program.

Amazon A+ Content:

Amazon’s enhanced content program provides an option to extend product descriptions beyond the standard listing capabilities. We will create the A+ Content for your listings and publish to meet Amazon's guidelines.

Amazon Media Group (AMG):

Amazon’s creative display ad group offering display ads that present across consumer devices.

Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA):

Amazon’s Retail Analytics performance metric analysis offerings. We review the degree to which ARA can provide meaningful information for your specific operation(s) and advise as to implementation.

Amazon Vine:

A product review program available in basic, plus, and premium subscriptions, that provides select member/reviewers of the Amazon consumer community with a complimentary issue of your product (available on an individual product basis) in exchange for a review of said product. We review the degree to which Amazon Vine can provide meaningful information and marketing benefit for your specific operation(s) and advise as to implementation and management of the process.

Get Back to Running Your Business

Let our team take the guesswork out of selling on Amazon and optimize your sales channel. 

amazon vendor central consulting